You never know how good your insurance company or your agent really is until you have a claim. Competitive premiums are always a priority, but a low premium is hardly a bargain if your claim is not settled promptly and fairly.

Home and Auto Insurance Claims

As a rule, homeowner and auto insurance claims should be submitted through our office. However we understand that claims don't always occur during regular business hours. If you need emergency claim assistance outside of our regular business hours you may contact your insurance company's claims department directly.

Medical Insurance Claims

Most of the time medical insurance claims are submitted for you by your health care provider. However if the need arises to file a claim on your own we encourage you to submit your claims though our office. Filing a claim incorrectly is the most common reason for a claim to be delayed or denied.

Life Insurance Claims

Dealing with the death of a family member or friend is traumatic enough without being handed a stack of forms to fill out. Please call upon our professional staff to assist you with the settlement of a life insurance claim.

Emergency Claim Phone Numbers

It is recommended that home, auto and business insurance claims be submitted through our office and that the carrier claim numbers listed below be used for emergencies only.